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Tiyas School

Since, 2001 we have been running a pre-primary/primary school for the under-privileged children of our community. Almost 242 students come here from 11surrounding villages attend this school. Of the 242 students, 162 are boys.
We have 12 teachers in our school. Several of our past students have excelled academically in their higher studies. For instance, one girl from a poor family, Arjuman Khatun, 19, passed HS examination with 81% marks and is currently studying B.Sc. (Maths Honors) course at Fakirchand College. She dreams of completing a PhD degree from IIT. Another, Rahul Koyal, 19, passed HS examination with 69.5% marks and is currently a 3rd years B.Sc. (Chemistry Honors) student of Fakirchand College. In the future, he wishes to pursue a B.Tech. (Research) course from a reputed institute. Rakesh Sardar, 14, passed Madhyamik examination with 90.1% marks. He is currently studying HS in the science stream, from Fatehpur Sinha Institution and would like to pursue a research course in organic chemistry in the future. His father works as a farmer in a nearby village. We have been able to offer scholarships to some of our meritorious students from funds donated by a generous donor. This school is run from funds donated by the local community members and some funds donated by a group of doctors in UK. However, even with this support, we have severe funds shortage, and the amount of money
raised from donations is not enough to run this school. Due to lack of financial support, we are unable to pay teachers more than Rs. 1,000 per month.

Cultural Programs

KMSWS from the very beginning celebrated the nation’s cultural and heritage by organizing annual cultural programs. KMSWS organizes different festivals and Mela on culture usually during the winter months, every year. But some programs are also organized during other times of the year. In the year of 2011 KMSWS organized Block Level cultural utsav by the help of Nehru Yuva Kendra, an autonomous body of Ministry of Youth and sports. 3 blocks of Diamond Harbor sub-division participated. This event consisted of songs, dramas, recitations, drawing and dance competitions. Almost 300 participants performed their activities here. Every year, about 100 participants from different fields perform at our festival. Jhuma Gayen, 21, a young budding singer, performed at our organization during the cultural festival of 2011. Last year she was selected to participate in a singing competition organized by a reputed Bengali T.V. channel.



Tiyas School Saraswati Puja 2018